Innopsis is the trade association for suppliers of Digital Infrastructure and Services to the UK Public Sector. Our members range in size from small startups to the largest telecoms providers in the country. Collectively, we provide over 75% of the telecoms and digital infrastructure used by the UK Public Sector.

Our objectives are to:

–       make it easier and quicker for our members to do business with government

–       enable government to maximise the benefits available from digital services by promoting a vibrant and active supplier community

–       to provide better public services and to work together for the common good.

Our focus is on the big opportunity for both customers and suppliers to benefit from safe information sharing and innovation in public service delivery

Latest News


Ofcom considering stepping in to fix unfair ISP email deals

The fate of a long cherished email address and the costs of retaining one are looking likely to be a focus of Ofcom in 2020 based on a report by the BBC.

UK government lost thousands of devices last year

Major security risks caused by forgetful staff.

Thousands of devices belonging to UK government staff have been lost or misplaced over the last year, new figures have revealed.

Between June 2018 and June 2019, more than two thousand items, including smartphones, laptops and external storage devices, were stolen or lost by government workers across the UK, according to a freedom of information (FoI) request by Viasat.

This was equivalent to 39 devices being lost or stolen per working week – or eight per working day, during a period where the UK government was attempting to work through the challenges of delivering Brexit.

Mobile Access North Yorkshire project to bring 4G to rural areas

North Yorkshire is set to trial the £6m Mobile Access North Yorkshire project (MANY project), which is one of the seven projects to have prevailed in the UK government’s £30m Rural Connected Communities (RCC) competition.

Led by wireless internet service provider Quickline Communications, the project will tap into innovative technology to deliver mobile connectivity to certain areas of North Yorkshire which do not have 4G mobile coverage.

Nottinghamshire to pilot 5G Connected Forest project at Sherwood Forest

Nottinghamshire County Council is set to move ahead with the £10m 5G Connected Forest project to provide a 3D experience to visitors at the Sherwood Forest Country Park.

According to the council, visitors will get to experience the new technology in action as early as next month, during the first year of the 25-month test bed and trial programme at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Apart from the Sherwood Forest Park, the 3D experience can also be enjoyed at the nearby Rufford Abbey Country Park, managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Parkwood Outdoors on behalf of the Nottinghamshire County Council.

Ofcom UK Tests 5G Mobile Emissions and Finds No Concerns

As part of its job the UK telecoms and media regulator conducts a spectrum measurement programme, which has been measuring the electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions from equipment used to transmit mobile signals and other wireless services for a number of years. Previously this focused upon existing mobile services (2G, 3G and 4G) but the work has now been extended to 5G and related frequencies.




Should there be a Hippocratic Oath for Data Scientists?

The UK health system is one of the most telling barometers of our society. How do we care for a growing and ageing population? How do we make patients the winners? What are the greatest upcoming risks?

One thing is clear. Success will only be possible if politicians, clinicians, managers, patients, families, suppliers and all staff work jointly in a way they’ve never done before.

In this episode Lynne Magennis talks to Rebecca Pope, the Head of Data Science and Engineering at KPMG to gain her insight into the situation.

2019 – the year of Brexit, 5G and Full Fibre

We will probably look back at 2019 as the year dominated by Brexit. Undoubtably the on-off activities of Brexit have had a significant impact on Suppliers as Government works out what to do depending on the agreed outcomes. Coupled with a Winter General Election, the period of uncertainty has definitely had an impact.

54. Children are our Future

In this podcast we turn our attention to the excellent work being carried out in London Schools regarding technology, networks and more. It is crucial for the future prosperity of the UK that we have a world class education system that can help develop the next generation ready for the workplace and help them make the world a better place for us all.

53. When is it the Internet not the Internet? – Podcast

A new approach to using the Internet in the Public Sector to replace the traditional corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) is featured in this podcast. In this episode Lynne Magennis talks to Keith Smith of Virgin Media Business about a new service they have brought to market.

52. The Digital Transformation Journey

In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Georgina Owens, SVP of DAZN about Digital Transformation, about what impact it is making on our lives, Digital Identity and listening to the Voice of the Customer.


Continuous Improvement 2020

The Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (ICiPS) will be hosting the its annual conference Continuous Improvement 2020. The event will covering the journey of leading change makers in the civil service, local government, education, and many more areas of public service. The conference programme will present participants with a carefully curated insights and networking opportunities.

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Ofcom considering stepping in to fix unfair ISP email deals

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UK government lost thousands of devices last year

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Mobile Access North Yorkshire project to bring 4G to rural areas

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