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Call for Workstreams  – 18th September 2019


Innopsis is the trade association for suppliers of Digital Infrastructure and Services to the UK Public Sector. Our members range in size from small startups to the largest telecoms providers in the country. Collectively, we provide over 75% of the telecoms and digital infrastructure used by the UK Public Sector.

Our objectives are to:

–       make it easier and quicker for our members to do business with government

–       enable government to maximise the benefits available from digital services by promoting a vibrant and active supplier community

–       to provide better public services and to work together for the common good.

Our focus is on the big opportunity for both customers and suppliers to benefit from safe information sharing and innovation in public service delivery

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5G, Brexit and Frameworks

A roundtable discussion hosted by Lynne Magennis with Michael Bowyer and Afshin Attari


Ian was recently asked to give a speech at Child & Co Bank, which is one of these small historic banks owned by the RBS NatWest. The event was co-organised by Evolution Capital, and the audience were owners of technology businesses. Having bought over 25 tech companies, they wanted Ian’s view on what the impact of Brexit would be on the appetite for UK technology acquisitions.

Networking at the Summit

We are getting used to seeing in the news how the politicians are going to ensure that all the homes and offices in Great Britain are going to have 100% high speed fibre internet access in an ever-decreasing timescale plus the progress of the removal of the existing copper network in an even shorter timescale. Add to this the initial roll out of the various 5G networks, with or without Huawei, plus declared strategy statements that the ‘Internet is Ok’ and ‘Internet First’ for Government data, we have a cocktail of change which is causing both Suppliers and Customers to re-think their own strategy.          
The Public Sector Networking Summits in London and Leeds are a great opportunity for the network suppliers and public sector customers to come together to talk about the changing customer needs, movements in technology and standards and the initiatives being taken by GDS, CCS and NHS-Digital to bring the different areas together. The two Summits at One Great George Street in London on 17thSeptember and a week later on 24thSeptember at Royal Armouries in Leeds are free for the Public Sector to attend. Industry sponsors include Capita, Exponential-e, KCOM, MLL Telecom, Redcentric, The Networking People, Virgin Media Business and Adept amongst others.
It is with Adept that Lynne Magennis is talking to today. Adept have made a transformation from a Calls and Lines SME reseller into a mid-market supplier of a range of technologies. Paul Mathews, the Head of Business Development, is to talk about those changes.

Internet First with MLL Telecom

When Matt Hancock announced that the NHS will adopt an Internet First strategy, it came as no surprise to those familiar to Public Sector telecommunications.

As time has moved on, the detail of what Internet First actually means is becoming clearer.

In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Ian Wilcox of MLL Telecom – one of the SME’s who have been instrumental in transitioning an number of NHS customers from N3 to HSCN.

Digitising the Health Service

Lynne Magennis talks to Exponential-e’s Afshin Attari about the the digitising of the UK Health Service, who is being left behind and what the opportunities are.


Public Sector spend with SME’S up £1.1BN in 2017-18

     But little sign of hitting the target of 33% of Government spend with SME’s by 2022 It is difficult to be churlish when the Government spent another £1.1Bn with SME’s in 2017/18, or is it? We are clearly moving in the right direction, but it is...

SME portion of Public Sector spend up 1.2% (to 23.7%) for 2017/18

     £1.3Bn more spent with SME’s in 2017/18 The SME Spend data for 2017/18 was uploaded to in early May 2019.   Andrew Williams recently joined the Cabinet...

Social Value in Government Procurement – Consultation

The Cabinet Office and DCMS have initiated a consultation on how government should take account of social value in the award of central government contracts. Consultation Description The government welcomes responses to the proposals in this consultation from...

New expert brought in to boost government’s relationship with small businesses

    New 'Small Business Crown Representative' will make sure government gets best value and small businesses have improved access to government contracts.   - New ‘Small Business Crown Representative’ will make sure the government gets the best value...

RM3808 Draft Terms – Changes to Goverment Standard Terms

The draft Terms for RM3808 were released on 9th November 2018.

This page contains marked up documents comparing the orginal standard terms against the draft terms for RM3808.

In addition, three new schedules (19, 21 and 22) have been issued

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We have a New Podcast - 5G, Brexit and Frameworks

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5G, Bexit and Frameworks. A discussion podcast with Lynne Magennis, Michael Bowyer and Afshin Attari…

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Weekly News Update for week commencing 26th August -

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