The topic of this podcast is Network Services 2. It is the only news that’s fit to print, if you are in the digital infrastructure game in the public sector.

Network Services 2, is the replacement for the existing network framework, RM1045 and has been the topic of many discussions for the last few months as Crown Commercial Service have been putting the finishing touches onto their replacement strategy.

The PIN has been issued, so in this episode, Kelvin Prescott and Richard Barnes discuss the forthcoming Supplier Briefings, hosted by Innopsis in London, Leeds and Norwich.

Kelvin and Richard discuss the Business Case that suppliers need to consider when embarking on the journey to join the framework, using the figures published by CCS for the revenues for the current Network Services Framework, RM1045 together with the likely cost of entry. Innopsis will be helping CCS to identify costs which could be reduced.

Over the forthcoming months, Innopsis will be providing more support to Members to ensure as many achieve places as possible. We will also be bring more details from the the pre-engagement process as we know it.

The podcast regarding the Framework Map is here and the Framework Map is available here

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