The history of business suggests that there are many merits to doing the unexpected: to zig when others zag, to go high when others go low and to take the road less travelled.

The pandemic has caused massive economic shocks for businesses and public-sector organisations across Europe and it’s not surprising that those facing existential business crises have gone into their shells and resorted to slash-and-burn strategies. For years, many CIOs have been asked to do more with less. Now they have been asked to do even more with even less as IT budgets have been savaged and top-line costs have gone into the firing line.

The natural instinct for many CEOs in times of crisis is to batten down the hatches and concentrate on cutting costs rather than seeking to make new and speculative investments. Very often, broad-brush leadership actions mean IT getting the same, across the board treatment as peers. But what is interesting is that, even against this backdrop, out of such seismic events, there are often lessons learned and a smarter, more creative strategy emerges.

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