In this podcast, Kelvin Prescott and Richard Barnes discuss the Internet of Things.

Following up fron Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport publication  “Secure by Design”  which looks at trying to protect the consumer by building in security as part of the design of devices, Richard and Kelvin discuss the wider implications of how data is used that is collected by IoT devices.

In this episode, we explore:-

  • What is IoT?
  • How can IoT be used by Public Sector?
  • What are the concerns?

As the market for IoT is growing at an alarming rate, from 8.4 billion units in 2017 to 30 billion units in 2020. It is important to make sure that safeguards and policies are put in place now before the the number of units become unmanageable.

This short podcast scrapes the surface of the situation and paves the way for a future, more in depth, conversation.

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