In this Podcast, the last in the Digitech18 series, we take a look from the Supplier side.

Digitech18 is set to be the most important technology event for the public sector in 2018. The event is supported by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to cover all their technology Frameworks, from the Society of Information Technology Management, in the public sector (SOCITM) who are compering the event and sponsored overall by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Services (FCOS) organisation. The expectations is for more than 600 public sector attendees, over 60 suppliers exhibiting and more than 40 sessions being run with the help of wireless headsets.

Sponsoring and exhibiting at events can be very expensive. With the smaller margins coming from the public sector, Suppliers need to be mindful of expenditure and to ensure that the Return on Investment (RoI) is continue to support events. Events where the sponsors are the necessary barrier between the sessions and food tends to lead to lead to the attendees feeling like they are being ambushed like the wagon trains in a B-Movie western. More collaborate events where there is a genuine interaction between suppliers and customers are encouraged.

In this podcast, Lynne Magennis speaks to Ian Fishwick, CEO of Adept Telecom about why he has decided to invest in sponsorship of Digitech18.

Lynne asks:-

  • What’s different about Digitech18?
  • Is this event only applicable to Suppliers on the CCS Frameworks?
  • What is the best way for suppliers to network?
  • As an SME, does he feel overshadowed by the larger exhibitors?


If you are visiting Digitech18, drop by our stand and let us know what you think of these podcasts.