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Digital transformation is defined as the process of using digital technologies, such as Cloud Computing, to create new, or modify existing, business processes. It can also involve changing the corporate culture and customer experiences to meet ever changing business or market requirements. Given that Change is constant, then Digital Transformation is, in itself also a constant activity. Within an organisation, management and direction requires a focus and ability not only covering Information technology, but also every other functional area.

As Digital Transformation described has a relatively high cost, what are the benefits?

An example is DAZN who rose from a start-up in 2016 to three years later be the world’s largest sports internet streaming company. They now have the broadcast rights covering Premier League, NFL, Formula One and others. Much of that success is down to the infrastructure that was put into place by Georgina Owens, the SVP of IT Services at DAZN. Her team developed a microservice architecture that allowed changes and developments to occur on a continuous development cycle. This allowed changes to be made with a very low risk to the live end to end service. This allowed DAZN to flex rapidly between demands for services, introduce new features without system glitches.

In this episode, Lynne Magennis talks to Georgina about Digital Transformation, about what impact it is making on our lives, Digital Identity and listening to the Voice of the Customer.

0:13.00  – Introduction

Georgina Owens

Georgina Owens

SVP of IT Services, DAZN

Georgina Owens has held global leadership roles in large organisations across multiple sectors.  She has a reputation for tackling large scale challenges and being capable of making intelligent sense out of chaotic and poorly managed IT capabilities.   She is at home working in a fast paced environment dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and constant change and manages to navigate her teams through transformation to deliver simplicity, excellence and best in class at the end of the journey.  Now SVP IT Services at DAZN, the sports media company who are leading the world in the battle to be the best OTT company in sports services as well media and content solutions unique in the digital sports market. She is an active networker and participates and contributes in many tech leadership and diversity events and she has become a sought after contributor and public speaker on technology leadership.

Lynne Magennis

Lynne Magennis


Lynne is the Innopsis Director focused on Podcasts and Design.

From a chemical process research background she has moved into the telecommunications business. Her day job is working for the Daisy Group.

 Outside work will find Lynne tending for her horses and dogs in the Home Counties.


DAZN is the largest, fastest growing global sports streaming service. DAZN is leading the charge to give sports fans around the world access to sport anytime, anywhere. DAZN guarantees affordable access on all devices including TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles and PCs. Launched in 2016, DAZN is now live in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, the USA, Canada, and Japan.