Ian Fishwick gives an update on the lobbying work he has done this autumn for members.

On 18th November I gave members an update on what Innopsis was doing at Cabinet Office level. If you recall, I represent Innopsis on the Cabinet Office SME Panel. We would like to update with you some good news:


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The insurance requirements on the new Technology Services 3 framework have now been reduced. The original version of Technology Services 3 contained a requirement that all suppliers awarded a place on the framework would have to take out £10 million insurance for Data Breach Liability. We are pleased to report that this has now been removed.

Who knows if our lobbying made the difference? Success has many fathers and we are proud to be one of them.


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The £2 billion Kickstart scheme aims to create 250,000, 6-month work-experience jobs for 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit. In the last update I explained that only 17,000 jobs had been created so far. Too many applications from companies were being rejected. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) allowed the SME Panel to set up a working group to review the rules they were using to vet applications. Innopsis played a leading part in this working group, and submitted a list of problems associated with the current approach, along with suggestions for improving the application pass rate. The Crown Commercial representative for SMEs, Martin Traynor, agreed to take our recommendations to DWP.

I am pleased to report that all our recommendations were accepted by DWP and the rules to vet applications to the scheme will be changed. Let’s hope that our intervention will end up with the creation of more work-experience jobs for young people.

Don’t forget – if you spot any issues that you think we should investigate – please tell me.


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