OpenReach have commenced a consultation on the future handover architecture and exchange handover.

The purpose of this consultation is to set out some of our initial thinking, and to provide a basis for discussion and input from CPs. In particular we are looking for CP input to help us (i) refine what the end-state vision is, and (ii) determine how we move towards it.

Current Exchange footprint

  • 5,600 exchanges throughout the UK, a legacy of the original PSTN rollout.
  • c. 1,000 Openreach Handover Points (OHP) for FTTx, c.3,300 ‘unbundled’ for MPF and c.2,300 are WLR3-only.
  • c. 3,000 exchanges are used to provide Lease Line (Ethernet Local Access) services.

What we are proposing in the consultation (response deadline 26th February):

  1. To focus on exiting 100 highest cost exchanges including 40 OHPs with the exit target of2030/31.
  2. a long-tern 960 OHP exchange handover footprint.
  3. the progressive exiting and closure of local Non-OHP exchanges out to 2040 as we are able to migrate all services to our strategic fibre products.

If you would like to have Innopsis represent your views, please email them to, marked ‘OpenReach Consultation’ and we will include them as part of our input without providing the source.

Post expires at 4:06pm on Friday June 4th, 2021