With the advent of social distancing, there has been an enormous quantity of new equipment purchased for home workers. Whilst this has boosted the revenue streams for a number of suppliers, the change in work habits will create a glut of equipment, either when people return to work in offices or the office-based equipment if people remain working from home.

The question will be what are we going to do with it? Do you sell it? Scrap it or store it? Each option means that there is a certain amount of processing required. Data needs to be removed, settings need to be erased, any physical damage needs to be noted to say nothing of ensuring the equipment is virus free for the next owner. It appears that it’s easier to acquire than to dispose of.

One answer is to engage a recycling partner. To discuss this option, Lynne Magennis talks to Andrew Brown and Mimi Moll of recycler N2S to gain their view of the world. 

Andrew Noel Brown

Head of Sustainability Solutions, N2S

Andrew has over twenty years’ experience in the information and data security sector. He has worked closely with clients delivering secure and sustainable solutions in both workplace and data centre IT environments. He speaks regularly at data security, risk management and data centre conferences.

A native of Christchurch, New Zealand, he holds a degree in Fine Art (BFA) from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Mimi Moll

Sustainability Lead, N2S

Mimi joined the ITAD industry in 2018 having met the founder Jack Gomarsall in a previous role and being inspired by what N2S are both doing and innovating in the area of sustainability. With a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Design, Mimi has always taken a creative approach to business and thrives on change, market disruption  and new idea generation with her key driver now being sustainability in the IT sector, an area ripe for all three. Mimi’s previous roles in positions such as Product Innovation Manager for a global manufacturer, saw her influencing the card transaction industry  by developing innovative &  sustainable solutions for clients inc. Apple, M&S & Walmart. In her role as Sustainability lead at N2S Mimi uses her passion for the industry to take clients on a deep dive into the N2S Urban Mine with the ultimate goal of empowering people to take action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mimi also meets regularly with both Crown Commercial & DEFRA and has influenced changes to Technology procurement  frameworks and Sustainable IT  best practice.

Network 2 Supplies

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N2S enables organisations to acquire, use and dispose of IT hardware easily, securely, sustainably and responsibly. We call it ‘Managing the Circular Journey’

N2S is a professional and project services company specialising in optimising forward and reverse supply chain services for businesses and government sectors. Built upon maximising the value of IT assets combined with sustainable IT objectives N2S offer a full suite of services designed to provide optimal and secure acquisition, utilisation and disposal outcomes for clients, manufacturers and reuse markets.  These include large scale installation services, full life subscription models, decommissioning, de-installations, sanitisation and data destruction, remarketing and WEEE disposal.

N2S is a member of Defra’s eSustainability Alliance (DeSA), is NCSC Certified to CAS-S and holds a WEEE licence.

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