Dear Work Stream Contributor,

NHS Digital have published three key documents that called for suppliers to either express an interest and or to respond to the proposed documents. As many of us are returning from holiday we all appreciate this may have slipped through the net so here is a reminder for you.

NHS Digital Advanced Network Monitoring Project = This is an RFI to provide the security monitoring requirements for the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN), essentially an internet filtering and reporting capability for the network your responses need to be received by Friday the 9th September 2016.

NHS Digital (HSCN) Peering Exchange = This is a published paper discussing NHS Digital intentions regarding the setting up of the Peering Exchange for HSCN your comments had to be in by the 2nd September, however an opportunity still exists for comments on the feedback forms if sent by 13:00 6th September.

NHS Obligations Framework V3.0 This has now been published and requires industry feedback to be completed by the 7th September.

At this stage of HSCN comments are vital as after this date feedback opportunities start to become limited thus we are all very keen you do provide a response.

If you need any assistance please do feel free to contact me direct at

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