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Public WiFi over HSCN Access Circuits 1.0

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Public WiFi over HSCN Access circuits


30th March 2020

Change to:

HSCN Obligations Framework – Technical and Security Obligations – TOW1


New obligation to read as follows:

The HSCN Supplier’s Solution shall be capable of carrying public internet traffic for HSCN Consumer sites that provide NHS Public WiFi. This traffic shall be logically separated (end to end) from all other traffic and have a lower priority than business traffic should congestion occur. IPfix data for this traffic shall not be sent to the HSCN Authority’s Network Analytics Service (NAS). This traffic could be routed via the HSCN Authority’s Advanced Network Monitoring Service (ANM) or its replacement service NHS Secure Boundary if requested. However, the traffic must still remain logically separated end to end including the point of ingress into ANM or NHS Secure Boundary. If not routed via these security services, the CNSP shall ensure that the content is scanned and that, at a minimum, access is denied to sites on the Internet Watch Foundation blocklist.

Change reason:

To derive a benefit

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Explicit permission for CN-SPs to utilise an HSCN access circuit to carry public WiFi traffic, subject to suitable controls, to further increase the HSCN value proposition, aligning with SMT/SLT strategic direction.

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Date posted – 6th April

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