File – 0012_20181122 HSCN Compliance CR Form

0012_20181122 HSCN Compliance CR Form

HSCN-CNSP data reporting requirements version 2.0

Details of the changes and the relevant documents are contained in the file above


Title – HSCN Network Analytics Service (NAS) – CN-SPs Incident severity classifications around IPFIX feed issues

Change to: CN-SP Data Reporting Requirements v1.1


Changes to the CN-SP Data Reporting Requirement (including Order, Inventory and Invoice data sets). Minor changes on all worksheets.

Amend the CN-SP Data Reporting Requirements to include clarifications and enhancements. Uplift the document to V2.0. V2.0 is embedded with a note explaining the changes

The purpose of the change is twofold:
1. Clarify and make minor amendments to existing data fields based on learnings
2. Include four additional states to enable tracking of services through the wholesale order life-cycle.

Please see summary note for full details.

Status – Minor Change comments by cop 13th December. No response is assumed to be acceptance.

Comment. – 

The following CN-SPs were consulted

  1. Convergence (Group Networks) Limited
  2. MLL Telecom Limited
  3. Redcentric Solutions Limited
  4. AdEPT Telecom PLC
  5. British Telecommunications PLC
  6. Piksel Limited (Carelink)
  7. Daisy Communications Limited
  8. Exponential-e Limited
  9. IT Professional Services Limited
  10. KCOM Group Public Limited Company
  11. CenturyLink Communications UK Limited
  12. Node 4 Limited
  13. NYNET Limited
  14. OCSL Managed Services Limited
  15. Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited
  16. The Networking People (Northwest Ltd)
  17. Virgin Media Business Limited
  18. Limited
  19. Gamma Telecom
  20. GTT