Podcast Episode Summary

The Covid-19 pandemic is testing the human race. Most people on the planet are likely to contract it. The question is, whether it will be a life threatening illness or not. Tragically, there will be a large number of deaths, each one impacting the loved ones surrounding them.  All of us at Innopsis send our condolences to everyone impacted. However, for the vast majority of people, they will survive, but the long shadow of the virus is being forecast to change society and how it behaves. 

Similarly, in the business world, the impact of the virus will cause many businesses to close forever and the ramifications of how we stop the virus spread will itself cause a long shadow impacting generations to come. 

In the midst of this, the Information Governance community are concerned that, in the effort to save lives and businesses, compliance to standards are not being adhered to. This may allow those who seek to prey on the vulnerable to take advantage of the situation. 

In this interview, Lynne Magennis talks to Des Ward of The Common Framework about what he believes companies should be doing now to prepare for the end of the outbreak so that better governance can be applied.

Des Ward, Information Director, The Common Framework

Des has been working in the Information Risk Management industry for over 20 years. His background and skillset ranges from the technical to the non-technical through forensics and pen-testing to risk assessment and corporate governance. This allows him to interface between the technologists and the business to facilitate effective communication and understanding between them; achieving compliance in line with business goals.

Previous experience encompasses compliance programmes for HMG and FTSE 100 companies relating to the majority of legislation and regulation; including HSCN CN-SP, the PSN Codes of Practice, IA Maturity Model, Security Policy Framework, Hannigan Review, Data Protection Act 1998, FSA guidelines, Payment Card Data Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and the ISO 27000 series of standards and guidelines.

Des has a distinction pass in the MSc in IT security from the University of Westminster, where he has also been a visiting lecturer. As well as being a former member of the CESG Listed Adviser Scheme (CLAS) he has also lectured at the University of Bath, has presented on Internet Security Threats to the Whitehats Information Security interest group and on Changing the business perception of Security to the Gartner Security Summit, the BCS, the Whitehats group and the Information Security Forum.