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File –0015 20190503 HSCN CR- NTP 0.4_for issue


SO10 HSCN Inbound Internet Connectivity Guidelines for CNSPs and Consumers


Details of the changes and the relevant documents are contained in the files above




Title – Rewrite of TOPS7


Change to: HSCN Obligations Framework




Rewrite Obligation Framework TOPS7. – HSCN suppliers to use either their own or a reputable NTP source (of stratum 3 or better), to synchronise the HSCN infrastructure and access connectivity components (such as HSCN CPE’s). The service must be implemented in line with IETF standards (including but not limited to: RFC2827; RFC5905; BCP38), and its use comply with the CNSP’s CAS(T) requirements.


Reason for change – BT TN NTP service is not being maintained post TN cessation. Services/suppliers/CNSP’s etc that have been using this service will need to change to use other services available which adhere to IETF standards and best practices. Therefore we need to amend the Obligations framework to all HSCN suppliers to use reputable source’s for NTP for their own HSCN infrastructure and for the CPE’s etc, and should be implemented and managed in line with IETF standards for NTP. Making this change immediately, will reduce costs, as it limits the amount of changes required as not all consumers have migrated to HSCN yet so this change can be incorporated into their migrations and done only once. NHS Digital will need to raise a change for the CNSP’s to amend the sites already deployed.


Status – Minor revision – . Responses to be returned by close of play on 17th May 2019. 

No response assumes acceptance


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  • No responses were received and thus this change is accepted.


The following CN-SPs were consulted

  1. Convergence (Group Networks) Limited
  2. MLL Telecom Limited
  3. Redcentric Solutions Limited
  4. AdEPT Telecom PLC
  5. British Telecommunications PLC
  6. Piksel Limited (Carelink)
  7. Daisy Communications Limited
  8. Exponential-e Limited
  9. IT Professional Services Limited
  10. KCOM Group Public Limited Company
  11. CenturyLink Communications UK Limited
  12. Node 4 Limited
  13. NYNET Limited
  14. OCSL Managed Services Limited
  15. Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited
  16. The Networking People (Northwest Ltd)
  17. Virgin Media Business Limited
  18. Limited
  19. Gamma Telecom
  20. GTT
  21. High Speed Office
  22. Intercity Technology Ltd
  23. IQVIA Solutions UK Ltd
  24. Logicalis
  25. Telefonica UK Limited
  26. Vodafone