This week I chaired a meeting of the Cabinet Office SME Panel Contract Finder working group at The Treasury. This post gives you a quick update on what is happening and the progress being made.

Funding for the next round of developments of the Contracts Finder website was approved in May 2017. The developers are using ‘agile’ methodology and the work has been prioritised into 5 short blocks or “sprints”. The first sprint lasts about 40 days and the rest are shorter, so we should start to see improvements quite quickly.

More and more companies are using Contracts Finder. Around 115 new companies are registering each week and the total number of companies registered is nearing 18,000 with around 30,000 users.

In May the Contracts Finder website had around 700,000 page views.

We now have management information that shows a steady rise in usage by both buyers and suppliers over the last year.

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