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At the last Technical and Security meeting (via webex call) it was agreed NHS Digital (previously known as HSCIC) would publish the revised words for TOW20, they are now available below.

In addition there is also a proposed revision to SO10a which is also attached below.

Unless comments are otherwise received by Wednesday 10th August it is assumed both are acceptable and will be used in the next Obligations Framework issue, however any concerns can be addressed to:


TOW20 Broadband & Cellular Where a supplier is proposing, for example (but not limited to), the use of Mobile Broadband, Satellite Broadband or Microwave Access (WiMAX) or a consumer based Broadband solution as an alternative to a fixed line service, by default the supplier shall ensure all the requirements as stated in the Obligations Framework are met. 
For instances where (but not limited to) Mobile Broadband, Satellite Broadband Microwave Access (WiMAX) or consumer based Broadband connectivity solutions can create a compelling commercial benefit but Does Not fully comply with the Obligations Framework, the supplier in consultation with the HSCN Consumer may seek approval from the Authority to deploy the service provided that all areas of noncompliance together with any alternative solution (if available) is clearly documented based on the Obligations Framework documentation. Approval to connect the service can only be expressly granted by the Authority, the process and approval will be required per HSCN Consumer service. 

The use of Mobile Broadband, Satellite Broadband Microwave Access (WiMAX) or consumer based Broadband connectivity may also be used for cost effective site resilience and  and for instances where rapid (and temporary) connectivity is required until a fixed line solution is complete. The supplier must ensure that any performance and SLA limitations are clearly stated and understood by the HSCN Consumer.
SO10a WAN Internet Suppliers shall ensure that attacks on the Internet IP addresses of HSCN Consumer Business Application Services (or other services) available through the Internet Gateway do not disrupt the provision of outbound internet services across the Internet Gateway or the availability of the wider HSCN service


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