Dear Workstream members

As you may have seen NHS Digital and Innopsis have launched the full version of the HSCN Obligations Framework and associated appendices. In the same announcement, the process for applying for HSCN compliance was also detailed and I am aware that many suppliers have already started the process. If you are interested in supplying HSCN connectivity (or even services) I would encourage you to look at the documentation and for the assistance Innopsis will be providing suppliers over the next few weeks.

In relation to the Obligations Framework the formal feedback process has now closed but over the next week Innopsis and NHS Digital will be reviewing the complete set of documents again for applicability to support much needed HSCN Overlay services. Any changes to the documents required will be made by the change control process outlined in the Obligations Framework. If you wish to provide any comments or suggestions for changes I will be happy to take those on your behalf to NHS Digital for consideration. If you have any feedback, please email me at:

In the next few days NHS Digital and Innopsis will be launching a consultation approach on the development of HSCN Overlay services (such as but not limited to hosted IPT Voice, LAN, hosted Video hosted UC and HSCN WiFi Connectivity). This will follow a similar process as in the development of the Technical and Security and Service Management workstreams. We will be creating a register for vendors to express interest in the overlay services in the next few days and we will let you have those details as soon as we can.

On behalf of Innopsis I would like to thank you for your contributions and efforts in the development of the HSCN Obligations Framework and we look forward to hearing about your success in securing contracts from this substantive market opportunity.

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