0001_20170922 HSCN Compliance CR Form

Details of the changes and the relevant documents are contained in the file above

0001a/20170922 –

  1. Change Required – The Obligations Framework
    1. We have request that the spreadsheet is re-formatted to make supplier requirements on a stage by stage basis easier to find and understand
    2. We request to add an increased level of specificity to the service management requirements in Column I: Evidence required for HSCN Compliance. This has been changed to assist suppliers to construct their service management responses in a more targeted manner
    3.  We request some amendments to some service management obligations to more clearly articulate our Business Continuity obligations which ties up to the requirements set out in the Compliance Addendum controls Annex (Annex A) – A Business Continuity response is now required as part of stage 1 compliance (this is also detailed in this version of the Compliance Operating Model).


  1. The Compliance Operating Model
    1. We request an update to the stage 2 compliance section (page 13 to 15) with a clearer set of requirements for stage 2 – no material change in requirements but increased clarity
    2. We request the incorporation an obligation for the supplier to respond to a set of Business Continuity requirements, along with a set of evidence to accompany these responses
    3. We request to add clarity to the statements around the 3 tiers of application and the HSCN Minimum Compliance Baseline (depending on a supplier’s CAS-T position) of Accredited, Audited and Asserted – more guidance is now available (pages 19 to 21)
    4. We request that the uplifted versions of the Obligations Framework and the Compliance Addendum are embedded.


  1. The Security Addendum – now the Compliance Addendum
    1. We request the addition of some additional control requirements to the Annex so that it now also incorporates Business Continuity requirements – hence this document now focuses on more than just CAS(T) controls. Therefore the document has been re-titled ‘Compliance Addendum’
    2. We request more detail and guidance to be incorporated in to this document covering the HSCN Minimum Compliance Baseline that suppliers must meet at stage 1 compliance.
    3. We request that  the uplifted Annex A is embedded in to this document.

The following CN-SPs were consulted

  1. Convergence (Group Networks) Limited
  2. MLL Telecom Limited
  3. Redcentric Solutions Limited
  4. AdEPT Telecom PLC
  5. British Telecommunications PLC
  6. Piksel Limited (Carelink)
  7. Daisy Communications Limited
  8. Exponential-e Limited
  9. IT Professional Services Limited
  10. KCOM Group Public Limited Company
  11. Level 3 Communications UK Limited
  12. Node 4 Limited
  13. NYNET Limited
  14. OCSL Managed Services Limited
  15. Updata Infrastructure (UK) Limited
  16. The Networking People (Northwest Ltd)
  17. Virgin Media Business Limited


Status – The change is accepted without comment


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