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More than half of Brits, at 54%, believe that collecting and using personal data by both the public and private sectors need to be more closely regulated by the government, as per a report from Fujitsu.

The report titled – “Driving a trusted future in a radically changing world”, found that 45% of UK citizens think that enough governing is not being done on technology developments. It was compiled after surveying 600 organisation leaders and also 2,000 members of the British public.

Fujitsu also said that the loss of trust among the public is being clearly felt by some leaders on the ground. More than a quarter, at 26%, agree that public trusts their organisation less than what it was five years ago.

The survey found that 39% of Brits believe that they have less trust in organisations compared to five years ago. The report further said that 15% said that they have little trust in organisations a lot less.

According to the survey, 32% of citizens are of the opinion that the central government has the greatest responsibility for steering the country through change.

The report said that there is a range of reasons why there has been a loss of trust, which was based on the organisation in question. However, the personal trustworthiness of leaders and use and sharing of data are some of the most common reasons cited by the public as per the survey.

The Fujitsu report summed up that the public has huge expectations of organisations in these uneasy times. However, their trust has been eroded by the drastic change and misguided priorities of recent times, claimed the report.

It was found by the survey that nearly two-thirds of leaders, at 62%, think that their organisation has become more responsible in the last five years, while 38% is confident that their organisation is considering sustainability seriously.

Fujitsu central and devolved government client managing director Patrick Stephenson said: “The rapid technological change in the UK is clearly having a profound impact on citizens, the public sector and the relationship between them.

“What we need to ask ourselves is “how can the public sector satisfy citizens’ expectations?” For this to happen, the public sector needs to radically change the way it engages with citizens and use data to build trust, which as we know is so easily lost in a digital world.

“The public needs to feel empowered and in control when it comes to their own data and how they choose to share it.”

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