HSCN Change Control notes 0016 to 0033 were rejected, as they stood, by Industry.

An audio was held between NHS-Digital, Innopsis and CN-SP’s on 9th January 2020 to discuss the issued raised.

The Issues raised on the call are:-

  • All documentation that is impacted by the change, and referred to by the changed documents, to be provided together with Tracked Changes to enable all parties to see all the delta between the published documents and the proposed documents for all parties to be able to review.
  • Technical Design and Obligations for Secure Boundary to be provided, both for initial implementation and any planned future requirements.
  • Connection Guidance to be published
  • On Boarding process from Accenture needs to be reviewed against CN-SP costs.
  • NHS-Digital to implement end user communications to explain why Secure Boundary is being implemented and the business benefits.
  • If any CNSP is unable to move to Secure Boundary by the time that the current ANM Service closes, then NHS-Digital will provide details for local Internet management
  • Change Management for significant changes to be discussed further
  • Further issues may be raised once the requested documentation is revealed.


  • NHS-Digital to distribute documents including tracked changes to the proposed document set
  • Face to Face meeting to discuss these changes notes w/c 13th January 2020.
    • Please notify if you are able to host the meeting on 14th or 15th January

Recording from the meeting