In this episode, Mike Thomas introduces Keith Smith of Virgin Media who talks about Why have a WAN (Wide Area Network)?

On 20th January 2017, GDS issued a blog which had an impact on the telecoms world. The title of the blog; The Internet is Ok, reported that the Government’s Technology Leaders Network had decided that all Government data should traverse the Internet rather than the secure Public Services Network (PSN) designed by the Cabinet Office 7 years previously.

Ignoring the gossip circulating around the time of the blog, the sentiment expressed in the title has surfaced as government policy.

  • Is it appropriate?
  • Should all organisations dump their Wide Area Networks and revert to just internet connections?

Given the current threat being posed by Cyber Warfare at state sponsored level, should we be putting public sector information and information access within the public domain? Is the internet cheaper? Should we use the Internet for everything? Does having publicly addressable network access increase the risk for the UK?

In this podcast, Keith Smith of Virgin Media Business, expresses his view of WAN versus Internet.  This was recorded at the Institute of Directors in February 2017.

It should be noted that in March 2017, following the Innopsis event, the Technology Leaders Network agreed that the principles and common assurance processes established in the creation of PSN  ‘needs to live on far beyond the end of the physical PSN network’.

Fourteen months later, GDS announced that they have a budget of over a third of a million pounds to hire consultants to discover the User Need. We will see if this changes from the ones quoted by Keith last year from the start of the PSN project. The consultants work is targeted to start in the Summer and last until the end of 2018. Following this, it is suggested that an automated mechanism is created to implement common standards, architectural patterns, guidance and service process to test and deploy effectively a replacement for PSN.

It is hoped that 2019 will bring the opportunity to move Public Sector Networking forwards to meet the needs of public administration and governance.

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