BT and EE Seeking UK Broadband Pay TV Deal with Apple


Newspaper reports have claimed that ISP BT are in early discussions with Apple over what could represent a significant shift in their Pay TV strategy within the United Kingdom, which might result in their EE mobile brand bundling Apple’s set-top-boxes with their home broadband and phone packages. Sources are alleged to have informed the Telegraph

The case for an innovation committee in local government


Geoff Connell places a lot of emphasis on the importance of getting elected members involved in a local authority’s digital initiatives. He believes the approach taken by Norfolk County Council, where he is head of information management and technology, shows that a lot can be achieved with a formal structure that makes a key group of councillors aware of the challenges and potential benefits of a targeted investment.

EE UK Switches On First Live Trial of 5G Mobile Tech in Canary Wharf


As expected mobile operator EE (BT) has today announced that they’ve switch-on their first live UK trial of 5G based technology in Montgomery Square (Canary Wharf, London), which will test the new spectrum and related hardware devices for performance, wireless broadband speeds and coverage

Home Office appears set for new ESN move with launch of Air to Ground communications pre-tender

Government Computing

The Home Office appears to be creating some movement around the Emergency Services Network (ESN) with the publication of a pre-tender for air to ground (A2G) and aircraft radio systems.

Fibre island: How Jersey went ultra-fast


Full-fibre broadband for everyone – right to the door.

That was the new standard set by the UK government back in the summer. Just 5% of homes can get that right now, so making it available nationwide will take years of work and billions of pounds of investment.

But in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, things look very different. It has just completed the rollout of its full-fibre network to 40,000 homes and business premises.

Now, it is making an extraordinary claim: that it is the first jurisdiction in the world to make fibre-to-the-home available to 100% of broadband users.

5G news: 2025 will be the ‘tipping point’ for 5G


5G is the latest networking technology for connected devices, promising speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, and 10 times faster than home broadband.

It’s not all about speed, though: a more ubiquitous and responsive (between 1ms and 10ms, compared to 4G’s 40-60ms) network are also planned, enabling connected devices like autonomous vehicles, drones and even artificial limbs.

Public Technology

Value of eSourcing framework shoots up from £4m to £10m as buying agency expects platform to process an increased amount of spending

A high level of demand from the public sector has seen the Crown Commercial Service more than double planned spending on its underlying tech platform for public sector procurement.

Why broadband and telehealth are interconnected

MediaCity News

In a phone interview, broadband analyst Craig Settles explained why the community broadband and the telehealth industry should help each other and collaborate.

Telemedicine is increasingly getting the spotlight in the healthcare space. But while its applications are being applauded, it’s easy to forget that it’s not always a possibility everywhere. In areas without good broadband, citizens can’t get good telehealth services.

Broadband analyst Craig Settles took a closer look at this topic earlier this year. And in a recent phone interview, he expanded on why telemedicine and broadband are intertwined.

The race for 5G is on – Literally!

Total Telecom

Nokia and TIM showcase 5G services at the Rally Legend in San Marino

Finnish tech giants, Nokia have teamed up with Telecom Italia (TIM) to demonstrate some of the main use cases for 5G, in the tiny European micro-state of San Marino.

The pair are making strides towards the goal of making San Marino the first 5G nation in Europe.