This podcasts features Kelvin Prescott and Richard Barnes talking about the items below.

In this episode we look at the implications of the Chancellors budget on Innopsis members. Does digital investment mean a wave of new business for public sector network providers? Or is it going to be all promise and no delivery

You can find a good summary of the digital investment plans set out in the budget here:

£500 million for a range of initiatives including:

  • £75m for artificial intelligence
  • regulatory changes for on-road driverless car testing
  • £400m for electric car charge points
  • £160m for 5G mobile networks
  • £76m to boost digital and construction skills


Other news of note:


Government provides £20 million for govtech challenges

Prime minister outlines package of measures to boost UK digital technology industry

The Government is setting up £20 million fund to support the development of new technologies in public services.

Digital devolution ‘needs to happen’, LGA says

HSCN DPS Launched

Dynamic Purchasing System for HSCN was announced with an initial 9 suppliers joining it at launch, the details of which are located here