Understanding your Customers..


Matthew Riley, the Chairman of Daisy Group speaks tells us what he thinks will change in 2019. Topics covered include understanding customer’s requirements, the Carillon impact and movement away from System Integrators in Government. 



Keeping Close to your customer

by Innopsis | The Innopsis Podcast - 12 days of Christmas


Lynne Magennis

Lynne Magennis




Matt Riley

Matt Riley

Daisy Group

About the Episode


This podcast features Matthew Riley, the Chairman and founder of the Daisy Group. Matthew, who famously left school aged 16 and founded Daisy in 2001, he had a simple business model, to be an alternative provider of telephone lines and calls for UK-based small and medium-sized businesses.


Well over a decade later and both Daisy and the telecommunications industry are almost unrecognisable. As technology and the different types of communication have advanced, Daisy has continued to evolve to ensure that it is able to offer customers and partners a full suite of IT and telecommunications products and services.


Over the last decade Daisy has developed through a combination of organic and acquisitive growth. With a business-to-business only focus, Daisy now boasts more than 360,000 indirect and direct customers, providing IT, communications and cloud to some of the UK’s best-known organisations.




Daisy provides a range of unified communications and IT services, including connectivity, voice, maintenance, as well as cloud and hosting solutions.

Matthew explores the changes that he is making in 2019 to improve closeness to Customers, the impact of disaggregation in the marketplace and Customer’s responsibility of ensuring that Suppliers are profitable.