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 Image: UK ranks 20th out of the 31 European countries on open data. Photo: courtesy of fancycrave1/Pixabay.

The latest data on the European Data Portal has revealed that the UK’s maturity level for public sector open data is 60%, which is below the European average of 62% for the 31 countries covered and 66% for the 28 members of the EU.

The fifth annual open data maturity report has been produced by Capgemini Invent, responsible for managing the EU portal, indicating a shift in emphasis among the most important nations in the field.

Classified as one of the ‘followers’, the UK has been placed in the 20th position out of the 31 countries. It is way behind the three ‘trendsetters’-Ireland with 91%, Spain with 90% and France with 89%.

The maturity levels have taken into account ratings around four dimensions of open data: policy, portal, impact, and policy.

The report has also identified four overall trends. The first is that the majority of the European countries have been consolidating rather than stepping up their efforts with open data, concentrating on quality and impact rather than making more available.

The second trend shows that there are extra efforts to ensure the value of the data for people who wish to re-use it, largely through taking feedback and engaging more with the relevant communities.

The third is creating more impact by gaining insights into users’ demands and needs.

The fourth trend suggests that governments are focusing more on data sharing with other organisations while aiming to respect intellectual property and privacy laws.

Capgemini Invent consultant and author of the report Marit Blank said: “As the Member States’ open data offering matures, we can see their focus shifting towards putting open data re-users at the centre.

“This is a tangible illustration of how the European countries are striving to move beyond the basics to deliver consistent and sustainable value to their citizens.”

The report has also revealed the total market size of open data around Europe at €75.7 billion, a rise of 37%, more than the €55.2 billion estimated in 2016.

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