In this episode, Kevin Prescott talks to Lynne Magennis about how to win business on Government procurement frameworks.

There are several organisations in the technology space reviewing if they should invest into gaining a framework place. The equation is fairly simple; Time and resource to gain a place must be less than the profitable business to be gained from the framework. Frameworks are getting easier to get onto, but can you win any business?

Kevin analysied a recent report from the G-Cloud team. It showed that there were only 20% of Suppliers on the Framework that billed for any services. How can you be the 1 in 5?

To help you qualify the RFI’s, PQQ’s and ITT’s that you should be responding to, Kelvin asks Lyne to gives us her Top 10 tips for winning business.

Take a listen, do you agree? Do you have different ones? Let us know. What works for one organisation, may not work for another.



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