14th January 2019

With regard to the documentation update falling out of HSCN Change Notes 0016 to 0033, the following comments have been made with respect the to “track changes” versions of the documents

  • HSCN Service Management Addendum reporting template – Change in Col J from ‘Percentage (%) Achieved’ to ‘Internet Percentage (%) Achieved’
  1. There is no guidance to be found on what is meant by “internet availability” (CN-SP to internet, CN-SP to internet via ANM / Secure Boundary, CN-SP to ANM / Secure Boundary etc); Internet availability is not included in TOPS9-13.
  2. Additional guidance on what is intended here would be appreciated, should be fairly simple (could be via a comment in the relevant Excel spreadsheet cell)
  3. Adding version control & ‘document template date’ into the performance report template would help manage releases of the changed report.
  • Within the Service Management Addendum, on the performance Report template, availability measurement worksheet, TOPS13a has changed
    • FROM ‘Access connectivity: 1 to 2 either resilient 99.5% or non-resilient 99.0%’
    • TO Access Connectivity Availability : 1 to 2 either resilient 99.9% or non resilient 99.95%’.
  • The Obligations Framework states TOPS13a as requiring ‘For a resilient access connectivity service a minimum end to end service availability of 99.5% as measured….’ and ‘For non-resilient access connectivity services a minimum end to end service availability of 99.0% as measured….’. The two documents should be consistent. If the Availability is to be increased from it’s current level, then this requires a separate HSCN Change Control Note to discuss,
  • The HSCN Servce Management Addendum appears to have an amended Service Acceptance Criteria. No Changes are listed. Please clarify.
  • Obligation Framework does not statstate ‘old’ and ‘new’ version numbers.
  • Obligation Framework contains the date for change to Secure Boundary in the text. We suggest this is moved to the title of the Change Request to highlight the significance of the change.
  • The Obligations Framework appears to have a truncated row in Row 15. Cell E4 for both the old and new values. Please can these be expanded so that the full text can be read.
  • In the Compliance Addendum, Row 4, Cell E4, the cells are again truncated. Also Cell C4 is identical to cell D4. Is this correct?
  • In the Compliance Addendum, Row 6, Cell E113, the cells are again truncated. Also Cell C6 is identical to cell D6. Is this correct?