Ringing Out the Old


As we close out the year, Michael Bowyer reflects on 2018. What were the issues faced by Industry by the Public Sector? What impact did Brexit make to the marketplace?

Looking forward to 2019, does the next year look to be better or worse for Suppliers of the Public Sector? Are there any more Carillon’s   on the horizon? 

Listen to Michael as he provides his view.




Michael Bowyer

Michael Bowyer


About the Episode


Michael Bowyer is a veteran of the Public Sector Supply chain. He has worked for over 25 years across some of the largest Suppliers in the Market as well as small start-up organisations, all in the high technology Voice and Data market. Currently Michael is an independent consultant advising companies large and small on selling into the Public Sector.


From this background, Michael is reviewing 2018 and viewing 2019 with a focus on opportunities across government.