Attached is a draft migration checklist that we intend to share with consumers migrating to HSCN. The purpose of the checklist is to prepare consumers for migration by making them aware of all of pre-requisite activities they need to complete before a migration to HSCN can be completed, hopefully avoiding unnecessary delays that could otherwise be avoided.
The checklist has been broken down into the following sections:
1, Pre-ordering
2, Ordering & Contacts
3, Pre-Installation
4, Pre-Migration/Installation
5, Migration
6, Post Migration
Each checklist includes a description of the requirement and customer guidance. Where the guidance is comprehensive we intend to provide a link to the HSCN website.
HSCN acknowledge that CNSP’s will have a vested interest in ensuring this migration checklist incorporates items that assist suppliers migrate customers to HSCN as quickly as possible without unnecessary delay. Hence, we would welcome feedback from you, so this document can be refined to ensure this aligns with industry best practice.
Please send feedback to

HSCN Migration Checklist v0.3HSCN Migration Checklist v0.3

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