The UK health system is one of the most telling barometers of our society. How do we care for a growing and ageing population? How do we make patients the winners? What are the greatest upcoming risks? 

One thing is clear. Success will only be possible if politicians, clinicians, managers, patients, families, suppliers and all staff work jointly in a way they’ve never done before. 

The UK has the judgment, the insight and the creativity to reimagine care services. There is the industry experience, skills and technical expertise necessary to design and implement practical solutions for everyone. 

Healthcare industry have become increasingly focused on the need to use evidence to inform clinical and operational decisions. This has led to them assembling and critically evaluating ever larger data sets around care delivery, performance, and cost. As health systems continue to adopt technologies to enable new or improved approaches to diagnosis and treatment, the size of our data sets will continue to grow.

As healthcare environments become increasingly dependent on digital technologies to support care delivery, their ability to use and exchange data becomes a critical enabler of transformation. In this episode, we talk about the Data Engineering that available to us. 

Should we be concerned that the data is being given to Industry in order that they can develop new services and discover new correlations, effectively allowing them to make money from us in the future, or should we welcome the increased focus and research that will ultimately benefit us without the upfront cost?

In this episode Lynne Magennis talks to Rebecca Pope, the Head of Data Science and Engineering at KPMG to gain her insight into the situation.   

Dr. Rebecca Pope

Director, Data Science & Engineering, KPMG

Rebecca leads an expert team of data scientists and engineers, to build scalable, high performing data science and artificially intelligent (AI) products to transform and drive business value for KPMG’s global client-base.

Rebecca has published a number of academic research papers, written several scientific commentaries in The Times and The Guardian, and is the recipient of National awards for her research; holding an honorary post-doctorate position at University College London.

Lynne Magennis

Lynne Magennis

Podcast Director, Innopsis

Lynne is the Innopsis Director focused on Podcasts and Design.

From a chemical process research background she has moved into the telecommunications business. Her day job is working for the Daisy Group.

 Outside work will find Lynne tending for her horses and dogs in the Home Counties.