Dear Workstream Contributor

Work on the Service Management Obligations is now reaching a critical stage as we look to firm up the agreed obligations in to version 3.

As part of the version 2 update HSCIC updated and published the HSCN CN-SP Service Management Requirement Addendum (see HSCN CN-SP Service Management Requirement Addendum v0.4. TCdocx), this is a vital part of the Service Management Obligations and so far we have only been in receipt of three sets of comprehensive supplier comments on this addendum.

HSCIC are very keen to receive more and have agreed at the request of Innopsis to allow contributors to review once again and to send their comments in. Time is of the essence and we only have until Monday 18th July by 17:00 to send additional feedback. If you do have any feedback can you send this to or (standing in for Mike Thomas in his absence).

Thank you

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