Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas


Mike has extensive Sales and Marketing experience in the Telecommunications and Software industries within both SME and Corporate companies in the Reseller, Fixed Line, Mobile Operators and Security Organisations. Currently, Mike is employed in Commercial Management at Centurylink Limited.

Mike produces the Innopsis Podcast


The Progress of SME’s in the Government Supply Chain


The present administration in Government have made it a manifesto commitment that more public sector spend will be given to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, that is organisations less than 250 employees with a revenue of less than £5m a year and a less than £43m in assets. The target is for SME’s to receive one in every three pounds that the public sector spends by 2022.

Ian Fishwick is the representative for the Telecoms and Network Services sector on the Cabinet Office SME Panel and provides us with an update on the progress made.




Ian Fishwick

Ian Fishwick

SME and Commercial Director

About the Episode


Spending with SME’s for 2017 stands at 22.5%, down from 26% in 2013. To help matters, the Cabinet Office set up an SME Panel with Suppliers from across all Industries in order they could understand directly what is stopping more SME’s from winning business in Government.


Is it because the services offered are not competitive?


Is it too difficult and risky to deal with Government?


Is it because buyers are reluctant to trust small companies?


What does Ian think?