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HSCN Network Analytics Service Connection Guidance v2.5

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0034-0036 20200330 – feedback from HSCN team




18 May 2020

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There were 3 questions in total. A new HSCN Network Analytics Service Connection Guidance document has been attached (it was recently updated to reference SecBo) which should be able to answer two of those comments. Responses are as below…

Comment 1 – Request for further information

“Is this request to say that all IPFIX that is sent to the NAS service must be the true source IP address and no requirement for any NAT IPFIX data (which was required due to ANM). Is this to be in place when people move to Secure Boundary?”

Please see “HSCN Network Analytics Service Connectivity Guidance” (v2.5) attached.

Comment 2 – Rejection

“We have reviewed the change request. This would require us to rollout changes across our entire CPE estate which is a considerable task to undertake, and any mass change carries risk. Given the circumstances we all find ourselves in with Covid-19 we want to reject the change at this time so that our efforts can be redirected to something that would have more benefit to our end users.”

Absolutely understand the need to reduce and manage risk at the moment and this is not being enforced. There is no requirement for the CNSPs to implement these changes immediately. It’s just if they want to offer public wifi services and is an alternative solution for routing that traffic separately to business traffic. 

Comment 3 – Request for further information

“Is this saying, any IPFIX data that is leaving a CNSP (to either the peering exchange or WWW) needs to be sent to NAS. Any other local to the CNSP does not?” 

see attached “HSCN Network Analytics Service Connectivity Guidance” (v2.5) for answers relating to the sending of IPFIX data.

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