Recent events have ensured that political considerations are being made about the suppliers of communications and the environment that services are supplied. This survey is to gauge how much this, and other accreditation issues, are impacting your organisation.

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Welcome to your What is the burden of Compliance Survey

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What are the challenges in selling services?Thinking about the impact of accreditations and certifactions have on the sales process to the UK Public Sector.
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Are excessive assurance requirements being requested by Contracting Authorities during the procurement process?Do you find that accreditaions hurdles are being included in procurements that are not necessary, just to restrict the suppliers responding?
Are relevant assurance requirements being requested prior to the procurement process by the contracting authority?Is accreditation being included at the last moment by procurers or are they being included as an after-thought?
Are existing contracting authorities asking for major service changes as a result of recent announcements regarding high risk vendors?Are you being told to implement supplier policies on existing contracts?
Is official sensitive being used to define the security requirements of a service being requested by the contracting authority?
Are contracting authorities asking for the following compliance as part of assurance assessments as part of their procurements? (Select all that apply):

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