Dear all,

HSCN Obligations Framework latest cut (version 3.1)

Please find attached the latest cut of the HSCN Obligations Framework Service Management, this can be downloaded here [download id=”5334″] and [download id=”5336″]. This is version 3.1 and is a “interim dialogue version” being managed by Innopsis. All changes agreed will be reflected in the final version 4.0. This interim version of the Framework incorporates HSCN Programme team responses/revisions based upon Industry comments on version 3.0 which was released in late August.

In parallel, NHS Digital are also running a legal review on this version which is scheduled to start next week (19th).

NHS Digital are arranging a face to face session to run through the framework on the 29th September and this will be an opportunity to:

1. Discuss any outstanding issues – discuss any obligations that remain in contention
2. Discuss our next steps in terms of getting to a final version
3. Discuss how changes will/can be made to the OF once we reach the baseline version
Whilst formal feedback comments on version 3 have closed Innopsis would still be keen to hear any feedback to help shape any final discussions. If you have any such feedback please email

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