As communicated at the recent Supplier Briefing session, the HSCN Programme intends to launch the first Aggregated Procurements in the very near future (South West – 18 December, Once for London – mid-late January).

If you are Stage 1 compliant and haven’t yet applied to join RM3825, NHS Digital and CCS encourage you to do so and to join the 13 CNSPs already appointed to RM3825. You should be aware that the assessing of your request to participate in the DPS can take up to fifteen working days and you should take account of this in your planning.  In addition, as communicated on a frequent basis, suppliers will need to be stage 2 compliant at the tender submission date to be able to provide a bid and you are encouraged to progress stage 2 compliance applications.

In producing the procurement documentation for the Aggregated Procurements the Call Off Terms include amendments to the technical specifications. The updated Call Off Terms which will be utilised for these initial calls for competition are attached for suppliers’ reference.

A copy of the revised terms are here

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