Corporate Social Responsibility and 2019


Alyson, the Head of Digital Innovation at O2 Telefonica, tells about how Telefonica have made a positive contribution in 2018 to the community in two different examples. An example of how technology organisations can help those in the community who need a little helping hand to improve their life.

Alyson also talks to us about the changes that she sees coming in 2019, the year when 5G starts to become reality.

We hope to have a longer interview with Alyson published in 2019. 



Corporate SociaL Responsibility and 2019?

by Innopsis | The Innopsis Podcast


Alyson Edmonds

Alyson Edmonds

O2 Telefonica

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All too often, Technology companies are portrayed as ruthless organisations squeezing every last penny out of customers and contributing nothing the United Kingdom. In this episode, we hear about some examples of where O2 Telefonica have helped people into work and to better manage money and avoid the debt spiral. 


Alyson Edmunds, a winner of the Top 100 Women in Technology award, talks to us about Telefonica’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in 2018. She also talks through some of the developments that Telefonica will be providing in 2019.