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A few years ago, the subject for this podcast would have been taboo. It was a subject that no-one really wanted to talk about. It was a death sentence made worse by a treatment that almost killed you.

The main topic today is about Cancer. In recent years there have been huge improvements on the detection and treatment of cancer so that it is not the immediate death sentence for everyone that it was. However, it does change your life. Learning to cope with the aftermath is tricky and a path that is not well trodden or full of resource.

Meet Avril Chester. She is in that new wave of women in Technology who has not only succeeded in a predominately male world, she has also identified how her career in technology and industry has helped her to help others as they progress down the path to recovery she was forced to follow after battling cancer.

Avril Chester

Avril Chester

Founder & CEO, Cancer Central

Avril is:-

Avril is a senior leader in technology who has worked across multiple sectors, delivering change and digital transformation.

Avril realised the need for Cancer Central when she was being treated for breast cancer in 2015/16 and began her mission to build Cancer Central in January 2018.

Avril documented the first year of her journey from technical executive to hopeful entrepreneur, in a business book that is interspersed with a sense of humour called Taking That Leap of Faith

Lynne Magennis

Lynne Magennis


Lynne is the Innopsis Director focused on Podcasts and Design.

From a chemical process research background she has moved into the telecommunications business. Her day job is working for the Daisy Group.

 Outside work will find Lynne tending for her horses and dogs in the Home Counties.

Cancer Central

Cancer Central is a new and growing digital platform providing a central source of information for those affected by cancer and those who care for them. Whatever your questions or needs, we aim to signpost businesses, services and charities – locally, nationally and online – who can offer the advice and support you need. We are at the start of this journey and, over time, will become the go-to place to find cancer support, with your help.

Support includes but is not limited to, benefits advice, insurance products, counselling, complementary therapy, respite care, hats, wigs, lingerie, skincare, financial help, nutrition advice, local societies or communities, meals on wheels, books, blogs, forums, local hospital taxi services – all based on your geographical location and cancer type, to provide you with individualised information.

Cabcer Central would love for you to get involved, follow and support our daily journey from idea, to start-up and beyond @CancerCentralUK on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. To cominovate with Cancer Central, please email friend@cancercentral.org.uk


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