Having been involved with Innopsis since its inception, I decided last year to stand for election as a Director. As I said at the time, I’ve seen first-hand the value that the Public Sector can get from collaboration, innovation, and information sharing. I’ve also seen how opportunities can be missed, and value lost (for both Public Sector and suppliers) by badly specified requirements, and poorly run procurements.

I hold a steadfast belief that the solutions our industry delivers can be truly transformative for the Public Sector, simultaneously saving money and improving front-line service delivery (whilst still generating attractive enough returns to incentivise investment and innovation).

So I was determined that Innopsis should be a voice for industry, developing and putting forwards a clearly articulated point of view, and lobbying to get government to understand the opportunities which can be realised by working with industry.

A year in and I am now clearer than ever that Innopsis represents the best route for advocacy for our industry. We have indeed done what an industry association should – having the point of view, and lobbying for it. But we’ve gone much further than that. As an example, we’ve worked with Crown Commercial Service to organise a series of successful workshops promoting the Network Services Framework. And we’ve acted in a truly consultative capacity with NHS Digital on the HSCN initiative – the resulting operating model will be great news for both the NHS and our industry.

I’m proud to be involved with Innopsis – the other Board members are a highly capable and motivated group of individuals from across the industry, working together to represent the interests of our members, and drive positive outcomes for both Public Sector and its suppliers. The plans for next year are challenging and exciting – watch this space!

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