Andrew Haliwell

Andrew Haliwell

Virgin Media Business

Andrew is the Product Director at Virgin Media Business.

As Product Director, it’s Andrew’s responsibility to manage the product strategy and lifecycle of the products that Virgin sell. This covers the largest systems integrated business partner through public sector organisations – large enterprise.  Andrew’s team is responsible for making sure Virgin are driving the growth of their products and portfolio in line with the long-range plan and budget for the business.


Is the Outlook Cloudy for 2019?


Andrew Halliwell, Product Director at Virgin Media Business tells us his outlook for 2019.

What does he see for Networking in 2019? An Evolution? or Revolution?

Listen to find out.




Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas


Mike has extensive Sales and Marketing experience in the Telecommunications and Software industries within both SME and Corporate companies in the Reseller, Fixed Line, Mobile Operators and Security Organisations. Currently, Mike is employed in Commercial Management at Centurylink Limited.

Mike produces the Innopsis Podcast

About the Episode

 We asked Andrew to give us all a view of the year ahead from his own point of view.


Andrew gives his view regarding the evolution of networking, the adoption of SD-WAN and how hyperscalers are changing the environment and working practices,


We hope to speak to Andrew again in 2019.