Notice to all CN-SPs: 23rd February 2018 

Stage 2 Compliance and CN-SP connection to the Advanced Network Monitoring Service 

The HSCN Advanced Network Monitoring (ANM) service is live and CN-SPs need to connect to attain Stage 2 Compliance.

To progress your connection to ANM please see the ‘NHSDigital_HSCNANM_NSPGuide v1.6’, which is provided to CN-SPs at the point they achieve Stage 1 compliance.

The point by which CN-SPs need to establish their ANM connection: 

Due to the volume of CN-SPs currently in the ANM connection process, the original deadlines have been extended by a short period, as below.

1. For HSCN Stage 2 submissions received by NHS Digital after 31 January 2018, HSCN Stage 2 Compliance will only be awarded to CN-SPs that have demonstrated all Stage 2 requirements, including connection to ANM. This position is unchanged.

2. For CN-SPs that submitted their HSCN Stage 2 application before 31 January but have not yet attained conditional HSCN Stage 2 approval, or for CN-SPs that have already attained conditional HSCN Stage 2 approval, ANM connections must be established and proven no later than 16 March 2018. 

* Please note that approval to go-live with any HSCN connection will be subject to additional NHS Digital approval until a CN-SP has demonstrated their successful connection to ANM. 


Queries from CN-SPs should be directly to