Dear Work Stream Contributor

NHS Digital (HSCIC) has issued version 3.0 of the Obligations Framework for HSCN which can be accessed here [download id=”5276″]. The HSCN Programme have been working in collaboration with Industry to iterate this Framework from the previously released Baseline version 2.0 (24th June 2016). This is an incremental release and there will be at least 1 further iteration as the detailed review continues – version 4.0 will be made available by mid-September 2016.

This is the CLEAN version and all editing/configuration management notes have been removed. An Editing version does exist and is held by the  HSCN programme team – if you require any information on edits made to any of the obligations – for what reason and by whom, please contact  – they will be happy to respond to your request.

Feedback from Industry is important to us:

This is the third release out of four and therefore we ask that should you have any input or comments that could materially affect the Framework, you feed these in to us at this opportunity – NHS Digital (HSCIC) will only be accepting light comments for Version 4.0 which we will release in mid-September as our finalisation release. At this stage we would be particularly interested in receiving any input based on the Service Management section of the Framework.

Should you wish to feedback on this version please use the HSCN Obligation Framework Feedback sheet available here [download id=”5278″] and email it directly to – Please copy (representing Industry through Innopsis) and (representing the NHS Digital HSCN Programme team). This will ensure that we are able to triage, and action, your comments rapidly.

We will be accepting comments on this version until 1800 on 07th September (a 10 working day period).

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