I have been involved with Innopsis when it was the driving force behind change in the guise of PSNGB and its’ engagement with government to deliver the Public Services Network.  I was impressed then by the collective will of industry to embrace the change required to deliver the network platform for digital government.

I am proud to say that 2016 has been the year when industry came together once more to meet the challenge of evolving the network of the largest employer in the western world.  The HSCN was not only arguably a greater challenge than the PSN, it was also due to the collective experience and will arising from that programme which allowed industry and NHS digital to deliver the HSCN obligations framework within nine months.  Yet HSCN is just starting; the transition of network suppliers is just the end of the beginning, there will be more involvement required to ensure that the network platform supports the shared services agenda of government.

I look forward to see how we can replicate the approaches from HSCN during 2017 to provide a stable foundation for growth in the turbulent period of Brexit, GDPR; an increasing demand for the reliable network platform to support the digital demands will test us all, but I am convinced that our membership is well placed to meet those challenges.  I look forward to continuing this work with the directors of the Innopsis board, who have invested so much time and effort to deliver the collaborative effort required thus far.

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