Some of you will recall that, towards the end of 2015, we conducted something of a ‘drains-up’ to understand whether Innopsis was delivering what it’s members really needed. The conclusion was that you wanted deeper insight into the market place and in particular, into pre-procurement.

So we planned to hold fewer meetings but make them deep-dives into areas that you told us were important. These were very well attended. Some, like the compliance and the HSCN overview meetings were sell-outs. However we actually ended up hosting 17 events throughout the year and attended or spoke at several others.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Innopsis for the huge amount of work that went into delivering these events and supporting other meetings such as the regional NSF Briefings and the HSCN workshops. Without doubt the current Board is the strongest we have ever had with several who are self employed and have freely given up their own time to our Association. We have a new Board member joining for next year – I hope she know what she’s let herself in for!

We have two great events planned for Q1 of 2017 but I am particularly looking forward to breaking some attendance records with our March ‘Question Time’ on the future of networking for the  public sector. Watch this space and bag your place early!

Happy new year all.


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