At the recent Cabinet Office SME Panel meeting, we met Barry Sharp the senior policy advisor on EU and International Procurement Policy at Crown Commercial Service. Barry and his team are advising the government on what should happen to public sector procurement law in a post-Brexit world. He outlined some of the options being discussed and how industry could potentially help.

The 3 options for Public Sctor Procurement Law – post-BREXIT

The 3 generic options being considered are as follows:-

Option 1 – no change

Under option 1 the existing EU Procurement laws would be converted into U.K. Laws by removing any reference to the EU. Life would then carry on as it does now.

Option 2 – write new U.K. Procurement laws

I doubt this option will fly for 2 reasons: there is a serious risk of throwing the ‘baby out with the bath water’ as many EU public sector procurement laws are eminently sensible and perhaps even more fundamentally, I doubt this can be achieved in the 2 year BREXIT negotiation time period.

Option 3 – adopt EU laws with specific changes

I think this is the most likely outcome. The key here is to identify which EU rules should be changed as a priority.

Industry should get ready to help

It is highly unlikely that the government will make changes to existing EU public sector procurement laws without consultation. It therefore seems only a matter of time before this type of consultation is announced.

This is where we can help.

Can you please send  me your top 5 (maximum 10) EU public sector procurement rules that you would like to see changed?

Innopsis will then summarise these requested changes into a white paper and submit it to Barry Sharp to try to influence government thinking.

Regardless of which way you voted in the referendum, the time has come to leave emotion behind and to get down to the specifics that impact us in business on a day-to-day basis. There was much emotive talk of those dreaded EU regulations but none were specifically mentioned. We now need to work together to identify what they are. This is your chance to make a difference.

Please send your suggestions to

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