Dear Work Stream Contributor

NHS Digital (HSCIC) are planning to adopt the Obligations Framework Compliance regime the work and process is own by Sara Galloway who picked up an action at the last All Groups session to draft and send out a list of the information required from suppliers as part of that Compliance process.  The current version is:

Company name
Name of Company Officer signing Deed
Name of Company Officer accountable for completing Compliance process
Companies House number

ISO Certification claimed

ISO Certificate number(s)

PSN compliance claimed

Peering plans/proof of connection

Other proof as per Obligations Framework  compliance

Please note those adopting HCSN compliance using CAS(T) will be offering a response against other proof as per the Obligations Framework response. Whilst we are not anticipating any issues with the above requirement you may offer feedback (or questions) up to the 2nd September to;

We will endeavour to respond to your comments within 24 hours of receipt.

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