Dear Work Stream Contributor

NHS Digital (HSCIC) have created a (draft) HSCN Peering Exchange Solution Overview and High Level Requirements, which will be used by NHS Digital in dialogues or discussions with potential suppliers. The document can be down loaded here [download id=”5286″]. NHS Digital would appreciate any comments or feedback using the feedback document here [download id=”5288″]. Your feedback should be completed by the 2nd September 2016. In particular feedback on bidding and cost / timescale effort and interest in the project would also be of interest.

The overview presents NHS Digital’s current (and draft) thinking on commercial models hence we have uploaded to the work streams impacted. It should be noted that no decision by NHS Digital has yet been made regarding any procurement and or the procurement options. This will be communicated by NHS Digital in due course through the formal channels.

Please return your completed feedback to the following email addresses including “HSCN Peering Exchange Feedback” in the subject field.

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