Having joined as a Director in 2016. I wanted to use my twenty plus years in Public Sector to develop the role of Innopsis especially in the areas of collaboration, innovation, and information sharing.

Like many of us I have also witnessed many opportunities lost to industry and the buyer alike and was determined this year to prove that this can be changed.

Our members can be truly transformative for the Public Sector if given the freedom support and confidence to challenge current process and structure. In 2016 Innopsis I believe finally became a respected voice for industry, offering well articulated and constructive points of view, and the right level of lobbying to get Public Sector to understand the opportunities which can be realised by working with industry and not just to use a traditional ITT process.

I truly believe 2017 will show our members the value Innopsis represents. Having worked with the team responsible for Crown Commercial Service workshops promoting the Network Services Framework and heading up the work with NHS Digital on the HSCN initiative – the change in attitude and customer engagement has been truly ground changing. For example the operating model developed for HSCN (NHS Digital) is I truly believe the model to take forward for all major network infrastructure programmes and I look forward to championing this in 2017 with other interesting projects currently in discussion.

Our Board members are a highly capable from across the industry, we truly work together to represent the interests of our members, and drive positive outcomes it offers a unique mix of talent and experience for our industry. In 2017 I will measure our output from seeing pipeline opportunities growth reported for all our members, by seeing the award of contracts beyond the large vendors and the acquisition of new members who want a part of what Innopsis now offers.

Michael Bowyer


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