It will be no surprise to hear that the world has suddenly developed an interest in remote working. For organisations, this has traditionally meant accessing systems via a Remote Access VPN. The rapidly increased volume of people logging on has brought a great strain on remote access points meaning alternatives to this bottleneck are being sought. One solution is to use the open Internet to access systems directly, as an App. 

This requires the security and availability to be managed by the App rather than the access controls provided by Network Access. Whilst this may mean a redesign of the applications and instigation of Zero Trust capability, there are other considerations that ought to be taken into account.  

In this podcast, Lynne Magennis talks to Martin Atkinson of Equinix, the global interconnection and data centre company, about the issues that organisations may like to consider in utilising the internet for their business applications.    

Martin can be contacted at Equinix – 0203 764 9244 or by web

About Equinix

  • Equinix is a global interconnection and data centre company with over 200 data centres across 55 markets
  • Equinix hosts almost 10,000 enterprise and service provider customers worldwide – we directly and securely connect the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners
  • Equinix’s focus is Enterprise Digital Transformation and the wave of changes it comprises – hybrid cloud, distributed edge, the connected future
  • We are continuing to expand our global platform in response to strong underlying demand, establishing Equinix as the home of the interconnected cloud, which in turn, is attracting enterprises that are adopting hybrid and multi-cloud as their IT architecture of choice
  • Interconnection and security are at the core of our being – change doesn’t have to bring greater risk
  • We employ a global team of solution architects and industry experts who are available to advise and support organisations on all things related to digital transformation