Dear Work Stream Contributor

The following update from HSCIC is in relation to HSCN Interconnectivity and current thinking. This document presents technical, operational and commercial considerations across all of the work streams and for all connectivity suppliers complying with the Obligations Framework, thus we are asking you to review the document and to provide feedback on those aspects.

Please see attached HSCN Interconnectivity Blueprint from Accenture and Virgin Media.  Thanks to both parties for contributing. [download id=”5233″]

HSCIC are considering the proposals as documented both in architectural terms, but also commercial sourcing and service model to support our strategic objectives.  Noting the proposals as regards PSN peering, we are working actively with GDS on their plans for this service and will share how PSN architecture may be used to deliver HSCN services in our review.

This process is internal to HSCN programme at this stage, however we will be determining the way forward through out August with current plans firming up approach to be shared with industry at the latest by the beginning of September.   We hope you all understand that this is taking us longer than anticipated as it is a revised component within the delivery model, and needs to follow our formal governance.  As part of this process, we would welcome feedback on the attached with any comments on the service model and commercial funding aspects that would need to be expanded in order for HSCN network providers to interact with the peering provider.

We have not amended the document as presented and so it is the joint viewpoint as discussed in our technical and security work stream sessions. Please provide feedback by COP Tuesday 2 August (see below).  Apologies for the short review period, but I want to address any key technical concerns on the call on 4 August.

In parallel, next week we are aiming to do a more thorough review of the obligations in order that peering as a service can be supported generically. This will be shared as updates to the Obligations Framework and jointly updated with yourselves in the next iteration.

For feedback purposes we have elected to allow all interested parties a free format for your response.

Your responses will be published considered across all work streams and within HSCIC. Please note responses will not be attributed to a supplier. Information provided that is requested by the contributor to be kept as confidential will be reviewed by HSCIC commercial teams for consideration and applicability.


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